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Bizzy B's Ferndale Road, Finglas East


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Bizzy Bs Afterschool service has been operating since 2011 offering afterschool and out of term full day care to school children aged 4-12 years.  We have 65 full & part time places available, and are open 51 weeks per year from 8:00am – 6.15 p.m.


We offer breakfast club 8-9am, afterschool care 1-6.15 pm and full day care 8.00 – 6.15 p.m. out of term time. Our staff are fully qualified in early years education, after school specific training, children’s first, health & safety and First Aid. Our statement and full policies and procedures are available to all parents, staff and relevant stakeholder.

Download the attached document to learn more about Bizzy B's:

Mission Statement, Aims & Ethos, Curriculum Statement, Building friendships and positive relationships, Policies and Strategies, Sample Activities, Promoting positive mental health and Collaborative approach.


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Mission Statement



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It is the mission of Bizzy Bs Afterschool service to provide an inclusive service for school children, which adopts an

anti-bias approach that will promote autonomy and positive self-esteem, directed by the children's interests; through play, activities and engagement with the natural environment

and local community.

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  • Daily outdoor free play, sports and recreational activities.

  • Education and involvement in nutrition, health eating, meal plan and food preparation and baking

  • Exploring natural local environments such as parks, rivers and forests

  • Learning about other creatures in the natural environment

  • Science, Horticulture and planting

  • Music, Art, Movement, Drama & Wellbeing

  • Taking part in risk taking activities  


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